Dance of Kalahs

Pakistan, district de Chitral, Mai 2007

Kalashs form a tribe living on the North of Pakistan. More than 100 000 people in the XIXth century, they are now not more than 3000-6000 persons. The kalash culture have been preserved till nowdays thanks for isolation of hardpassing mountains and grace to deep respect of their traditions.

The legend says, that kalashs are the … of the rest of army of Alexandre the Great who conqered these territories about 2300 years ago. Ethnologists… still didn’t find an answer for this enigme…

Without doubt, kalash presents today people the most clothe… to ancient Aryens. Their religion (polytheist – anemist) is one of the last reprsentings of antient indo-european religions.

The Kalashes try to evoluate and to go out from their isolation. The international NGOs helps them, also th governement of Greece (especially beacause of legendary link between soldiers of Alexandre the Great and the Kalashs). Kalashs are actuallement confronted to the problem of surviving. Some of them are converted to islam, the dominating religion around them. This destabilise again more the surviving of their traditions. Being the open epople, it’s not rare to see families where musulman and kalashs live together.

Joshi, the festival of the spring, celebrates during 3 days the renovation of the nature. Joyfull dances are held in three kalash valleys. The main  function of Joshi festival is to call by danses the grace of Goshidai to have …fertile harvest during next year and to don’t have lack in the milk of goat (a sacre animal) for upcoming months.