French village

What is a small French village today?

In modern France, more and more villages are becoming dormitories of big cities. They are not yet suburbs, just the piece of rurality inhabited with urban workers.

Back from work, people find their individual houses, with small gardens, private spaces and enclosed grounds. However, the streets are emptiy and silent, everyone stays in its “bubble”, at home.

Here, the daily life is balancing between rural traditions and modernization. Here, the habits are heckled but hold dear. Sport clubs, petanque, hunting, bingo, religions, empty granaries (individual street markets), small businesses, memorial days, individual houses, … form a mosaic of a daily life that brings together people and gives them the feeling of being part of a community.

A French village: a new way of life trying to find itself.

I am living in one of this village; I wish to tell its present with my photos.