High Latitude Hunters

Today the reindeer meat market is expanding internationally. Indigenous peoples, living above the Arctic Circle: the Nenets, the Saamis, the Yakuts are all famous for their reindeer farming. However, the northern area of Taimyr, 400 km above the Arctic Circle, is the habitat of 70% of the world’s wild reindeer herds. Because of this there is an opportunity to develop a new economy in this remote area, based on industrial hunting, which mixes tradition with modernity.

Development of industrial hunting in Taimyr has global potential, although it is only in its infancy. Life of polar hunters is a permanent struggle – facing hard working conditions in the Arctic climate, as well as challenging issues such as lack of infrastructure, difficulties in marketing their products and environmental changes. The only way to a successful economy based on reindeer hunting is to mix traditional and modern life, so that the indigenous population can find their place in a changing world.