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Germans have been settled in the region of Volga, Russia, since the 18th century.

They kept their culture, tradition and language even in the early years of Soviet period.

After the beginning of the Second World War, following the order of Stalin, more than 350 thousand people were deported. The Volga German Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was officially abolished. Men were sent to the labor columns; while women, children and elderly were sent to Siberia and Kazakhstan. Lot of them had found themselves on the North of the Yenisei river.

The first years after deportation were a true survival: living in dugouts without warm clothes and shoes, working  for poor rations in fishing crews for suppling army with wood, facing with suspicion and mistrust from locals.

After the end of the war, Germans had to register monthly in kommandantur until 1956 and had no right to move. After their rehabilitation, they got an opportunity to move to more favorable regions of Russia or emigrate to Germany. However, lot of them choose to stay in their new sever home.

The serie collects the testimonies of Germans from their own memories or from words of their parents.